How to say correctly - implantat, implantant, or implant?

Date of publication: 28.01.2020
Date of edit: 10.09.2021
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  • What is an implant? What is the implant made of?
  • What is an implantat?

In press and on dental clinics websites, as well as often from doctors - you can hear these terms all at once - implant, implantat, implant ...

What is the correct term to say:

implant or implant?
implant or implant ?, -
- and which one is a mistake?


Correctly speaking - "implant" and "implant" are correct terms.

"Implant" is a mistake, it is wrong to say so.

 Implant Implantat Implannant photo Lumident

What is an implant? What is the implant made of?

An implant (from the word “implant”) is an artificially made product, often consisting of many parts, intended for introduction into the body in order to perform certain functions in it.

Accordingly, what is an implant - it is a complex structure that installed in the jawbone. Dental implants are used as a support for dentures.

By design, an implant is a product for implantation, consisting of 2 main parts:

  1. The inner part is located in the jaw bone;
  2. Supragingival part - abutment. The implant abutment is a support for crowns, bridges, and other types of dentures.

Recently, the term "implantat" has also appeared in medical dictionaries, which comes from the German word "implantat", which originates from the Latin word "plantare" (to plant, lat.). Today the term "implant" can also be used.


Implant Implantat Implantant photo Lumident


What is an implantat?

An implantat is synonymous with the word "implant", in fact, there is no difference between them.

By appointment, what are implantats - these are titanium products for installation in the jaw, they replace the native dental roots, and serve as a support for prostheses instead of extracted teeth. 

Now you know everything about the correct terms for dental implantation (implant, implantat), and that "implantant" is a term that is wrong to say.

On our website you can see all the uses of this word, including the term "implantant", but we have retained this name solely for search purposes.

More information about the installation of dental implants, photos of works, patient reviews can be seen and read on the dental implantation page.


Description: What is an implantant? Dental Implantant is the erroneous name for teeth implant (implantat). What is a tooth implantat? It means the second correct name for a dental implant. And the definition of "implantant" - to call it wrong.

What is an implantant? This term is a misnomer for dental implants in teeth implantation. How to Speak Correctly - An implantant or an implant - the correct is first option.

The difference of implantant - is that it is not correct to use it. There is no such thing as an "implantant". Say an implant or implantant, and it is better not to call the definition "implantant".

An implant is the definition of artificial teeth roots in dental implantation, a synonym for the word "implantat", there are no differences between them.

Implantant means incorrect mention of the words "implant" or "implantat".

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