Skrytskii Dmytro

Skrytskii Dmytro


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Orthopedist in Lumi-Dent clinics. Conduct an appointment at the department in Obolon' district.


  • International Medical College in specialization of dental technician graduated.
  • Kiev University of Traditional Medicine in specialization of dentistry graduated.
  • Kiev University of Traditional Medicine internship.
  • Ukrainian Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in specialization of Orthopedic Dentistry graduated.
  • Organization of Health Care Management department at the P. L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education graduated.

Specialization, types of activity:

  • Anti-Age dentistry digital modeling and smile reconstruction with a further forecast and the ability to try on the future design of Wax-up.
  • Prosthetics on teeth “tooth-preserving minimally invasive techniques”.
  • Micro prosthetics: Anatomical tabs, Veneers.
  • Fixed, removable, conditionally removable prosthetics on implants.
  • Fixed prosthetics: cermets, non-metal cermets (E.max), cermets based on zirconium oxide.
  • Work under magnification, both Binoculars and microscope.
  • Work under the CTA (computerized anesthesia).
  • Dental laser usage to obtain aesthetic results.
  • Multidisciplinary preparation of patients for total prosthetics in cooperation with an orthodontist, surgeon, periodontist and therapist.

Fixed prosthetics:

  • Crowns: cermets, non-metal highly aesthetic crowns based on zirconium dioxide and E. Max.
  • Anatomical tabs on the chewing group of teeth as durable alternative to fillings or its usage in case of impossibility for the composite materia to be restored.
  • Veneers.
  • Bridges: cermet bridges and based on zirconium dioxide one.
  • Single and complete prosthetics on implants - AII-4/All-6/All-8.

Removable prosthetics:

  • Removable prosthetics on implants.
  • Partially and full removable prosthetics, arch prostheses.

Participated in seminars and courses:


  • Functional dentistry and Splint therapy;


  • Smile harmonization with the help of direct and indirect restorations. Clinical protocols for creating optical illusions and matrices of aesthetics;
  • Bone augmentation mistakes and complications;


  • Principles of bioequivalent occlusal rehabilitation. Practical aspects of gnatology and occlusiology in clinical protocols;
  • Practical Course in Sinus-Lifting;
  • Complications in implants’ treatment;


  • Dental implant planning with immediate loading of prosthetics;
  • Computerized planning of implantation. Surgical shape implantation;
  • The art of photography for the proper diagnosis and total motivation of the patient;


  • Up-to-date questions in dentistry;
  • Life Changing Dentistry;
  • Implantation in case of the lower jaw atrophy;


  • Contact point recovery;
  • Prosthetics on one-piece and two-piece implants’ systems;
  • Basic Theoretical Course For Implantology;
  • The frontal and chewing teeth special features of restoration in the concept of natural balls;


  • Aesthetics or function for prosthetics in the anterior section: is a compromise possible?;
  • CIS Dental Congress “New Horizons”;
  • Modern aspects in aesthetic restoration;
  • Precision and aesthetics as the path to success;
  • The innovative laser technologies usage in the daily clinical dentistry practice;
  • Modern CAD/CAM restorations and methods of their fixation;
  • Complete cermet restorations;


  • The Art of Endodontic Treatment;
  • Scientific and practical conference in “Paradontology yesterday, today, tomorrow”;
  • The way from endodontics to restoration. Minimally invasive concept;
  • Clinic Training Course on the treatment with Astra Tech Implants;
  • Fundamental course in preventive & anti-age medicine;


  • A predictable long-lasting and aesthetic restoration. A modern approach to aesthetic restoration of the frontal and lateral groups of teeth;
  • The way from endodontics to restoration. Minimally invasive concept;
  • 1st International Conference on Ortofacial Surgery and Ortodontics held;
  • Aesthetic Excellence. Advancement of Art and Science in Aesthetic Dentistry;
  • Modern aspects and prospects of the military dentistry development;


  • The first Ukrainian international quintessence symposium in the field of periodontics and restorative dentistry;


  • Radiation diagnosis in the outpatient practice of a dentist;
  • Current trends in orthopedic dentistry. Prosthetics with all-cermet structures. Total denture prosthetics;


  • Cermets. Two-day course of orthopedic dentistry;
  • Endodontics with all the rules. Details and secrets.

Statistics of Dr. Skrytskii




Cermet crowns


Crowns made of cermet based on zirconium oxide




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