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Dental Implant Specialist Kiev - Oleksandr Kyrylenko



Doctor implant-surgeon in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent in Kiev, conducts an appointment at the department in in Obolon'.


Certified dental implant specialist.


Full member of the Ukrainian Dental Association.



  • Graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy in Poltava.


Briefly about the specialist Oleksandr Kyrylenko:

  • installed more than 3,500 dental implants, more than 97% of them successfully;
  • the percentage of successful implantation and targeted bone regeneration operations is more than 97%;
  • passed practice in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the Department of Surgical Dentistry NMAPO them. P.L. Shupik in KGKB number 12 and in a number of private dental clinics.


Skills of a dental surgeon implantologist:

  • simple and complex tooth extractions;
  • one stage and two stage dental implants;
  • elimination of complications of implant treatment;
  • osteoplastic operations;
  • tooth-preserving operations;
  • sinus lifting;
  • plastic bridles of lips and tongue;
  • periodontal surgical procedures.


Specialist in dental implantation Oleksandr Kyrylenko works with the most well-known and popular implantation systems: Megagen, Neobiotech, MIS, Straumann, Nobel Biocare.

Surgical dental interventions of any complexity in the maxillofacial area under local anesthesia, as well as the use of surface sedation of the body, accompanied by an anesthesiologist.

Хирург стоматолог Кириленко А.В. постоянно принимает участие в научных конференциях, симпозиумах, семинарах в Киеве, Украине, и за рубежом. Знакомится с работами ведущих специалистов в области хирургической стоматологии и смежных специальностей.

Dentist surgeon Oleksandr Kyrylenko He constantly takes part in scientific conferences, symposia, seminars in Kiev, Ukraine, and abroad. Acquainted with the works of leading specialists in the field of dental surgery and related specialties.

An experienced specialist, professional and attentive doctor. According to patients, a distinctive feature is the benevolence and tolerance in communicating and explaining information on consultations and during the entire time of treatment. Ability to listen and understand the pain and human needs.

Alexandr Viktorovich is one of the main experienced specialists of our team. You can no doubt trust him - this is a true professional in their field.

Alexandr Viktorovich takes an active part in the development and improvement of new equipment and technologies that our team is constantly developing.


Dr. Oleksandr Kyrylenko participated in the following seminars and courses:

  • Symposium "Complications of implant treatment", Kiev;
  • International Implantology Congress, 2013;
  • Aesthetic and Functional Dentistry, 2015;
  • Diploma "Surgical and orthopedic aspects of working with the Bicon system", 2015;
  • Diploma "Implantation in an aesthetically significant zone", 2015;
  • Diploma "Basic Theoretical and Practical Course For Implantology", 2015;
  • Certificate "Modern computerized 3D-X-ray diagnostics in dentistry. Using 3D templates in the work of an implantologist", Kiev, 2016;
  • Course + LIVE operation, 2016;
  • Certificate "Implantation and bone plastics", 2016;
  • Course "Sinus lifting from A to Z", Kiev, 2017;
  • Certificate "Sinus lifting" Samuel Lee, Kiev, 2017;
  • "Integrated Orthopedic and Surgical Straumann Training", 2018.


Statistics of Dr. Oleksandr Kyrylenko for 2018:


The number of all consultations - 810;

The number of implantations - 211.


The number of installed implants, the total number and separately by type of implants:

Neobiotech - 20;

MIS - 9;

MegaGen - 390;


Total number of installed implants per year - 566;

The number of simple tooth extractions - 690;

Number of wisdom teeth removal - 228;

The number of performed sinus lifting operations - 53;

Number of other operations (vestibuloplasty, etc.), as well as bone plastics - 208.

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