Demyanenko Dmytro

Demyanenko Dmytro


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Orthopedist in Lumi-Dent clinics, сonduct an appointment at the department in Obolon' district. 


  • Graduated from the National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets, specialty "Dentistry".
  • Graduated from an internship at the National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets.
  • Passed postgraduate training from the National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets.
  • Passed postgraduate training from the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in specialization of Orthopedic Dentistry.
  • Passed specialization in the course “Oral and maxillofacial surgery” at the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Specialization, types of activity:

  • Dental diagnostic photo protocol. Digital planning of aesthetic and functional rehabilitation;
  • Minimally invasive prosthetics with adhesive ceramic restorations (Inlays and onlays, veneers);
  • Fixed, removable, conditionally removable prosthetics on implants;
  • Fixed prosthetics: cermets, non-metal cermets (E.max), cermets based on zirconium oxide;
  • Work with magnification, both Binoculars and microscope;
  • Laser correction of soft tissues in the aesthetic zone;
  • Planning of complex treatment together with related specialists (orthodontist, surgeon, periodontist and therapist);
  • Computer diagnostics of occlusion and bite T-scan;
  • Production of therapeutic occlusal guards;
  • Diagnostics of functional disorders of dentoalveolar complex.

Unremovable prosthetics:

  • Crowns: cermets, non-metal (zirconium dioxide, ceramic);
  • Anatomical tabs on the chewing group of teeth;
  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth with ceramic veneers;
  • Prosthetics of teeth on dental implants;

Removable prosthetics:

  • Removable partial acrylic dentures and nylon dentures;
  • Clasp prosthesis;
  • Full Removable Dentures;
  • Removable partial denture.

Participated in seminars and courses:


  • «The B.O.O.T. when prosthetic on teeth on dental implants.» Stefano Conti.


  • «Mastery of preparation for ceramic overlays» Maxim Belograd;
  • «Mucogingival surgery in implantation. 3D simulation of the mucosa»;
  • «Mastery of preparation for ceramic veneers» Maxim Bilograd;
  • «The skill of preparation for crowns»;


  • Eastern European Conference on Dental Implantation;


  • «Occlusion. Bruxism. Central ratio. Temporomandibular dysfunctions»;


  • «19-th International Congress of International College of Cranio-Mandibular-Orthopedics»;
  • «Indirect composite restorations. Synthesis and implementation of different approaches in everyday practice»;
  • «Diagnosis of occlusal disorders»;
  • «Practical skills for determining correct occlusion using the Teethan system»;
  • Seminar «T-Scan - just do it! How to use T-Scan effectively on a daily basis and DTR – treatment»;
  • «Photography as a means of communication in dentistry»;


  • «Computerized analysis of occlusion in everyday practice. Presentation of the T-Scan Novus device». Robert Kerstein;
  • «Implantology-basic course: Just about difficult and difficult about simple»;
  • «Workplace internship in dental implantation on the basis of the center of dental implantation and prosthetics "MM".» Myron Uhryn;
  • «UAP Congress "Periodontics for everyone»;
  • «Direct composite restorations of the frontal group of teeth»;


  • 3rd National Ukrainian Dental Congress;
  • «Perio-concept of dental reception»;


  • Participation in an international scientific conference «Innovations in dentistry»;
  • «Correct preparation» Krasnozhon A.A;
  • «Clinical periodontics. Protocol for conservative treatment of periodontal tissue diseases»;

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Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns


All porcelain crowns


Full anatomical zirconium dioxide dental crows





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