Andrushchenko Tetiana Yuriivna

Anesthesiologist Doctor Tatyana Andrushchenko - Lumi-Dent


The anesthesiologist in the network of dental clinics Lumi-Dent, conducts an appointment at the department in Obolon and Pozniaky.


  • She graduated from the first medical faculty with a degree in medical business of NMU named after A. A. Bogomolets
  • Internship in "Anesthesiology and Intensive Care"
  • Has a second qualification category in the specialty "Anesthesiology and Intensive Care"
  • Worked in multidisciplinary hospitals, provided both urgent and planned anesthetic support.

Specialization, activities:

  • Anesthetic management of planned and urgent surgical interventions.
  • Providing resuscitation and intensive care during shock conditions, hypertensive crisis (complicated and uncomplicated), all types of coma, cardiovascular and respiratory failure, ensuring airway patency.
  • The choice of the degree and duration of sedation, depending on the volume of dental treatment and associated pathology.



Participated in seminars and courses:

  • In the sixth British-Ukrainian symposium "New trends in modern anesthesiology and intensive care, emphasis on the patient's safety and monitoring problem";
  • "Workshop on regional anesthesia with the development of practical skills"
  • "Interdisciplinary approach to preoperative preparation and postoperative rehabilitation of patients with somatic and reproductive pathology";
  • Fourth International Congress with Hemostasiology, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care "Black Sea Pearl";
  • In the annual congresses of the “Association of Anesthesiologists of Ukraine”;
  • "IFRM International Scientific and Practical Forum "Complications of ART: practical aspects of emergency medical care";
  • "In the 3rd All-Ukrainian Conference "Modern Directions of Anesthesiology Care in Dentistry".


Statistics of the doctor-anesthetist Andrushchenko T. Y. for 2017-2018:




Conducted sedations 



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